A small word about a small plane,...

Sunbird 60” – a Lot of sailplane in a small attractive package

Produced from CAD design and CNC generated moulds, this little/big sailplane was designed with a range of possible flyers in mind from novice to expert.

It's designed to be very transportable – basically, disassembled it can fit on a car parcel shelf, so it is very convenient to carry around, but at the same time I wanted to make an airframe that in expert hands could really perform.

The aerofoil section is probably quite advanced for this kind of plane and gives a very wide speed range and possibility of operation in a wide range of wind conditions.

Sunbird flying panels and control surfaces are large enough to be effective in almost any conditions, while the flaps make it possible to land the plane slowly and safely even at small flying sites.

Added to that, the radio bay is large enough to enable installation of the servos and radio pack without resorting to micro surgery, while the fuselage and in fact the whole plane still has a pleasing and balanced shape. Remember: “If it looks good, it flies good” – and that really is true with this little whizzer.

Flight tests in a wide range of conditions have revealed a very good turn of speed, high maneuverability, no bad habits, and very controllable landing characteristics.

For the expert and novice alike the Sunbird represents a lot of “big” sailplane features in a small attractive package.

This scheme is designed by G-fly (currently not available anymore) so this one makes him the last Italian Stallion, triple layer of carbon ! and makes me the pride owner.

Design By RCRCM Aero Team.
Wing span: 1520mm
Wing section: RC series
Length: 900mm
Weight: 600g (w/o ballast)
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator

Servo's : 4x HS82MG (E,R,F) 2x HS65MG (A)


- Installing ballast and servotray

- Beauty , ain't she ?

- Servo's wil be glued on upper clamp plate

- In this case ist's possible to remove servo's easely

- On top of that plate is just enough place for a small NiMh or Li-po. Propebly I wil use a 1200mAh Li-Po with a MAX-BEC from JETI.


- All connectors are prepaired 

- All setup

-  A bucket full of lead

- Painted racingstripes

- Ready ;-)

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