Stingray 1/3

Specs :
Span : 5m
Lenght : 2.5m
Weight : 14 kg (incl. EDF 120mm)
Wingsection : S6063 (9%)
Tailsection : NACA007

The Stingray fully CAD designed, though build with traditional method.
The only cnc parts are the sections.

- The 'plug and play parts'

- In this stage al parts are parts are assembled. All parts were foreseen so they fit at one possition.
A hell of a job in the design, but very helpfull while building;

 - All gaps filled up with foam and cutted of with hot wire.

- Sanding the story,....

- Surface is plastered to fill up gaps and give som strenght to start;
 - 2nd part

- Bandsandmachine will do the hard work.

- First results

- The canopy starting.

-Preparing the vacuum mould.

- First 3d cutting test of wingtips are a fact.

- Proud

- Primetime

- 'Urmodell' 2k polyester painting

- Wing ribs

- I'm glad to anounce my Stingray fuse is demoulded ;-)