Miss Morava

Topmodels new scheme aerotowing machine,...
(not my property anymore)

Certainly nothing to slope him, but what if there is no wind,...

Very new towing model built for air work (larguage, photography, schooling, streamer, etc...).
Possibility of using 30 to 60cc engines according to the required flight type.
Equipped with a 30cc, it is the ideal entertaining model for a club.
Able to ensure the young pilots training, to release parachutes or candies thanks to the enormous compartment, but also to tow sailplanes up to about 3 m wingspan.
With 50-60cc gasoline engines, it is really possible to tow very large sailplanes.
The flaps are particularly efficients; it is possible to direct them until 90° thanks to the special hinges system delivered in the kit.
Real V/STOL capacities.
The robust landing gear hyper resists the worse treatments and makes it possible to take off from summary grounds.
Thanks to its perfect geometry and to profile NACA 4412, this plane is an example of stability and will make wonder in all the tasks you will ask it.

Mine is powered with a DLE55RA, hoping getting power enough to fulfill my wishes.

Specs :

Span : 2420mm
Lenght : 1960
Weight : 7.5 - 8.5 kg
Wingsurface : 99.5dm²
Wingballast : 75.4 - 85-4g/dm²

- Right out of the box

- Strong construction, perfect for towing

- Solid firewall

- Towing hook mounting, carbon reincored

 - Perfect match

 - Painted white. Servos , trothle and choke

- Towing hook installed


- Homemade deodorant tuned pipes ;-)

- Still need some reorganisationof wires

- Finaly canopy installed

- Build landing lights (cost 1,5€ excl. switch)

- Here we go,... ready for maiden ;-)

Equiped with 
- R12EX
- Sparkswitch

To be continued,...


  1. Hi, I am currently working on a Miss Morava. How is your progress?

  2. Hi, Mine is allread sold, 'c ause no gliders in the club anymore. Fly's fantastic and a super tow-tug !!