Long Fox Pinocchio

- Semi-scale of the aerobatic coupe glider Long Fox Pinocchio (1:5)
The 3.5m semi scale Coupe Long Nose Pinocchio is a part of Reichard premium range of large kits, and is designed as a fully aerobatic soarer.

Special Features:

  • Fibreglass fuselage
  • Two-pieces foam/balsa wing
  • Fibreglass leading edge
  • Wing joiner located in the middle of fibreglass spar
  • Wing supported by carbon stripes and fibreglass under the balsa cover. Although the wing is not full fibreglass, it has similar characteristics of stiffness, still being very light
  • Two peace clear canopy (not anymore)
  • Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
  • Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
  • Includes all necessary hardware and brakes

The durable epoxy glass fuselage is more that strong enough to face the rigors of routine aerobatic flying on the slope.
The two piece wing is joined with a 16mm diameter steel wing joiner which plugs directly into the glass spar.

The wings are foam cored for durability, then covered in glass cloth and epoxy with carbon reinforcement for strength and rigidity with a balsa skin that is ready covered in Oracover.
The wing construction is comparable to fully moulded wings for strength and rigidity, whilst still being low in weight.

Equiped with JETI 2.4Ghz , R8, Mvario , MAX BEC II And HITEC servos

Wilga's motor running warm

First take off

Ain't she a beauty ;-)

Broken canopy leads to a FOX wrapping situation

The carbon(look) vinyl can be manipulated and streched with a heatgun.

not finished at all, all blue parts going to be changed to carbon(look) aslo decals will be removed and replaced by special scheme.

Finshed ;-)

FOX racing silhouette

FOX racing wing decals finished

- Fox keeps rollin',....

- Harsewinkel 2011

- Long fox @ sunset

- BIGGS towing meeting @ Pottes (club EOLE)

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