By Benny Wachtelaer.
Wingspan: 3404mm
Length: 1366mm
Kit weight: 1464g
Flying weight: 2400g
Wing area: 45-5dm²
Control surface: aileron, flap, rudder, elevator
Elevation Ailerons : Max with differential
Elevation flaps : Max and 20% mixed with aileron stearing.
Elevator : 7mm up , full down
CG: 65-70mm
Constructor : RCRCM

- This beautiful semisportscale full GFK DG-600 from RCRCM finally arrived on the workbench
- A lasercut rudder servo tray is forseen with reinforcement. Glued with epoxy mixed with balsa scrape.
- Also Carbon ballasttube and carbon wingjoiner are attached.


- Servotray installed
- Rudderhorn for elevator installed, put some carbon strings near the balsa to reinforce.
It's to fragile !
- Servo's to be used
- Towinghook
- MAX BEC 2D perfect match with my Jeti equipement

- Electronics nearly installed

- Rudder and rudderhorns installed

- Rudderhorn connection (pull-pull)

- Pulley works fine for rudder stearing

Wings were damaged at arrival, in meantime new pair was sent from China ,also with extra layer of 160gr/m² glasstissue. As we discussed to have one extra layer for extra strenght and stiffness, I had extra layer as promised !

 - Wings top and bottom view

- Wings are ready to install servo's

- Servo tray

- Servo's ready to solder

- Homemade servocovers under construction

- Servo tray's and steering installed

- Wiring and connectors 
- Racingstripes painted, sanded P1200-P2000 and polished

- Canopy closing spring installed
Nearly Ready to fly ;-)
- Racingstripes

- Maiden has been done.

Bad luck I have to repair the wings. DG-600 was hanging in a tree last week ;-(

- Did cut out the bad pieces with sharp knife and filled up sith epoxy mixed with balsa abrasives.  D-box filled up with balsa, sanded a slightly thinner than the surface and laminated with 2 x 50g/m² glasstissue

 - Waxed the carbon rod to model the filler, also reinforced with balsa abrasive dust.

- Top wing repaired , took 30 days to repair

 - Bottom wing repaired , took 30 days to repair

  - Wingtips repaired , took lang enough to repair

- Fuselage repair, carbon reinforced now

- Paint aerosols needed,... epoxy resin, glasstisue, polyglanz (polish), balsa, .....

- Finaly,.. Here we go,...   :-)

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